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Funny Forest Family - For Kids

Developer: Duckie Deck Development Sp. z o.o.

Visit us on Facebook you live in a forest, you’re always busy. Funny forest animals have so many things to do they can certainly need some help from a child. There’s collecting berries, apples and nuts, building a nest and a bridge over a river, feeding nestlings, searching for naughty tadpoles, etc. And when the evening comes, it’s time to say nighty night after a long and interesting day!APP KEY FEATURES:• For children aged 3 and up• Stunning blend of hand-crafted artwork, interactivity and kindness• 4 funny forest families (Raccoon, Mammy Crow, Nightingale, Froggy and their tots) • No less than 100 interactive elements• Good for boys and girls• Identify shapes and colors, improve logic skills!• Teaches numeracy• Kids Safe – no 3rd party website links, no ads.• Fun sound effects for every object, nice tune• Smooth animations• Intuitive interface suitable for little children• The app looks great on both tablets and smart phones• Age-appropriate colorful illustrations and background music• Airplane Mode – the app works without an Internet connection.• Autoplay function • Languages: English, German, Russian
Just like other edutainment apps by Ingame, exciting mini-games of “Funny Forest Family” offer kids lots of fun and learning opportunities weaved into the gameplay. They help develop concentration, visual memory and counting skills. At the same time, parents don’t need to worry about their children spending too much time in front of the touchscreen.Apps for kids by Ingame are a whole world of educational games for preschool and kindergarten children in your plate! We believe that playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Our goal is to give parents confidence that the time spent by a child with a tablet is an additional source of new discoveries and useful information.Therefore, we make digital toys and apps that help stimulate the imagination, develop logical thinking, and train visual memory and hand eye coordination.
We also hope that playing kind educational games children will learn to protect nature from the very childhood.
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